The Opt-In Vision

Opt-In SWNC, a visioning process for the seven western counties in North Carolina that began in Spring 2013, has concluded, and the documents found below are a Regional Vision created from ideas and insights contributed by the region’s residents. The first document (Volume 1) sets forth the community vision, with specific policies and actions to bring it to fruition. It is a compilation of feasible steps to inspire the region and to generate voluntary and cooperative action.

Volume 2 organizes under one cover the three reports that were instrumental in creating the regional vision: The Baseline Vision (July 2013), the Draft Regional Vision Framework (September 2013), and the Draft Regional Vision– What the Community Wants (December 2013). Those reports build the case for the vision and document its main components: the region’s background, derived from technical analysis, and the policy framework and the vision’s goals, derived from public comments.

The two volumes should be reviewed together. Extensive references have been provided throughout Volume 1 to facilitate linking the two.

Finalized Report Files

PDFOpt-In Regional Vision, Volume 1 (6.4mb)
Posted January, 2015.

PDFOpt-In Regional Vision, Volume 2 (39.4mb)
Posted January, 2015.